About Us

Sydney Paving and Landscaping is your go to partner when you need a paving and landscaping specialist. We are a company that is dedicated to offering top notch services that most of the time exceeds our client expectations to put a huge smile on your face. There are numerous reasons why you should only think about us if you are ever in need of these services and these include:

Extensive experience

We have been in the industry for 29 years mastering the art of offering high quality services that have been tried and tested. We have studied in depth what the market really needs to make sure we only offer practical design and building solutions that are tailor made for our clients. It is also important to note that we come highly recommended from everyone we have worked with in the past years thus you can be sure that you are in safe hands as you will be working with an industry leader.

Structural licensed landscaper certification number 95588c  

We also have all the proper papers that are needed to do the job seeing that we are a structural licensed landscaper with certification number 95588c. This means that you get to sit back and relax as the professionals handle their job without any complications to enable you to enjoy excellent results at the end of the day.

Wide variety of services 

We put in a lot of effort to make certain that we are a one stop shop for all your landscaping needs. This is one of the main reasons why we offer a wide variety of services so that you can have the luxury of picking the one that suits your needs best. Some of the main services we offer include glass pool fencing and paving and landscaping. Other services include the retaining of walls, irrigation systems, hardwood decking, gardens and lawns.

Service numerous locations 

We are not limited to one area as we would like as many people as possible to enjoy our services. Some of the locations that we service include Hills District-Castle hill, Glenhaven, Kellyville and Baulkham hills.

Work with top notch suppliers 

Throughout all the 27 years we have been in services we have managed to create solid relationships with high quality suppliers thus you can be assured that everything we work with is top notch and will serve you for a very long time without any complications. Some of the suppliers we work with include Baulkham hills landscape supplies, Glass fencing warehouse, Bunnings and Amber.

Service guarantee 

We believe in all the services that we offer that is why we extend a 5 year guarantee. All our services are also recommended by the Department of Fair Trading thus you do not have to worry about anything.

Excellent team 

Before anyone joins our team, they are thoroughly vetted to make sure that we only get the best in the industry. This way, you only get to work with professionals who are not only highly trained but have a passion to deliver exceptional results. These are people who undergo constant training to make sure they are on top of things when it comes to the latest trends and changes in technology to make sure that you only get the very best.

Competitive rates 

We are not in the business of exploiting our clients as we regard them very highly as without them we would not be in business. For this reason, we offer highly competitive rates and make sure you get great value for money. What you see is really what you get as we will not spring any surprise costs in the middle of the project something that is very common with many companies out there. We also have flexible payment options for people working on a tight budget so that they do not feel at one point that they are being overwhelmed by bills.

Excellent customer service team 

Out company also has a competent customer service team that is always ready and willing to handle all the questions or concerns you may have. This way you will be clear about all the services we offer and any other information you would like to know so that they are no doubts in your head as you go ahead and invest in your great services.