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The Paving & Landscaping Specialist is an award-winning landscape designer that has been in the Sydney landscaping industry for more than 20 years. Our main focus is to listen to our clients, and work with you to produce a truly special garden. Our quality services include design & construction of landscaping in Sydney, as well as residential maintenance plans.

Whatever project we take up, our ultimate goal is always to transform your vision into reality and make a garden that you can be proud of.

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Landscaper Sydney: Our Methods for Landscape Designing

Initial consultation

One of our leading landscaper designers will arrive at your property and discuss your vision and idea for your desired garden. This usually takes about an hour to complete and enables us to explore your budget, objectives and main design elements. Following the initial consultation you’ll receive a price proposal from us.

Concept & plan

After you accept our fee proposal, we’ll begin designing your outdoor space. We want this phase to be a collaborative process between us and our customer. This stage usually requires several meetings that give us the chance to gain a better understanding of all your objectives.

After you’re entirely satisfied with our concept plan, we’ll provide you a detailed landscaping plan and documentation. Not all gardens need council approval, but if an application is required we’ll begin the process of doing so.

Designing landscapes has definitely come of age. Individuals today are constantly searching for a fresh new landscape design that provides a blend of homely charm and natural beauty. Enhancing living standards has ensured landscaping to become an indispensable need for residential properties and commercial establishments throughout the world.

A professionally created landscape design practically ensures that a good patterned greenbelt is effectively achieved. It has often been observed that individuals who like to garden as a hobby, tend to indulge in their own landscape designs. Consequently, the zoning and patterning of their garden aren’t properly achieved. This is where the need for a reliable landscaper in Sydney comes to play.

Landscaping Sydney: How we achieve beautiful results ?

Let’s take a look at some essential aspects that The Paving & Landscaping Specialist can help you achieve:


This is a very important factor. The strong crux to a great landscaping design is the creativity factor. Without any doubt, most of us would fully agree that landscaping looks incredible when it is truly unique. Our professional company of landscaping in Sydney would ensure that project compatibility and site specifications are always kept in mind when offering the final design to a customer.

Via the architectural field, landscaping design possesses a unique aesthetic value. The various art elements include color, form scale, line and texture. These essential elements aren’t independent of one another, but their own individual natures must be carefully handled before taking into consideration their interactions. The increasing numbers of upcoming project of urban development demand high-end reliable landscaping designs. The reason for this is quite simply - a housing establishment’s value sharply increases if correct landscaping is conducted.

Landscape design is a field of various disciplines, including science, engineering, mathematics, technology, history, social sciences, and so on. Color, line, scale, form and texture are all used in combinations in order to adjust the landscape design. The different design principles include balance, unity, rhythm, proportion, transition, repetition & simplicity. All of these principles interact with each other to create the desired landscape design.

Natural Feel

Professional landscaping in Sydney should provide a great natural feel. Once one enters the landscaped zone, he must feel as if he is amongst nature. The naturalness density additionally depends on the project’s depth. For instance, a residential landscaping project may require a more natural appearance than that of a housing complex or office.

At the end of the day, there is nothing more important to enhancing your home’s appearance and value than professional landscaping. A qualified landscaper in Sydney can help transform your property into the desired look & feel you’ve always dreamt of. Call The Paving and Landscaping Specialist today!

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