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Every rainy season, you find yourself staring behind the window pane while looking at how plain your lawn looks without life or colour in it; you don't feel contented with how your garden looks. The colour of gray sky painting your mind with the same colour as every rainy season passes by. Also, you always concern yourself with the pollutants from storm water which reaches our local waterways and the disasters that it may cause to us and our environment.

Looking forward to changing the look of your property? Have you been contemplating the addition of some rain gardens in Sydney in order to break up the appearance? Need some reliable rain garden experts to recommend what will work best for your property? If you’re searching for a complete landscape makeover for your residential home or commercial property, then The Paving & Landscaping Specialist definitely has the solution you need for your desires of having a functional and attractive rain garden!

Here in Sydney Paving and Landscaping, we make rain gardens with incredible features that won’t just sit in a corner and do its sole purpose. With the help of our experienced landscaper, we can transform your garden and add a stunning aesthetic beauty to your property after planning with him.

Along with its substantial structural benefits, concrete retaining walls are also essential for property leveling and for putting up a rain garden. If you possess a property near a steep hillside, it may be quite hard to plant shrubs and gardens that go down a grade. These walls provide extra gardening space for your landscape. By effectively increasing levels regions for gardening or built-in seating, the retaining walls upgrade your landscape’s beauty. These walls are an excellent way to make the most out of your yard, regardless of its size.

Here in Sydney Paving and Landscaping, we make sure that your rain garden is both functional and attractive for your convenient outdoor living. For us nature enthusiasts, it is important for us to be aware of the bad effects of storm water on our oceans, rivers, and lakes. By capturing stormwater, rain gardens are self-watering and are, therefore, easier to maintain and consume less drinking water than regular gardens.

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Rain Gardens in Sydney: Why you should choose us?

Raingarden is the ideal landscaping design that was recently discovered after Melbourne’s drought and water shortage conditions. Primarily, rain gardens are used to help improve the status of our oceans and waterways, by means of treating the harsh stormwater using soil, plants, roots, and microbes. To put up with something like this, you will need to hire a company with the proper tools, adequate knowledge, and a reliable company with experience, enough to carry out these tasks for your convenience. With this being said, you will need a company who will provide you with the uttermost quality of raingardens while transforming your outdoor space into something phenomenal.

However, no matter how easy it sounds, the process of landscaping—whatever the task may be, takes longer than what you are expecting. It often takes more than an hour, days and even months of work. Thus, it is very important to talk with someone friendly and approachable who actually has a vast knowledge of materials, geography and all building code regulations in order to work efficiently with your ideas.

Here in Sydney, the Paving & Landscaping Specialist provides you with your most needed requirements while keeping you updated with what’s taking place on a daily basis. We have several designs for you to choose from. Whether it’s just for simple block design, to brick walls for retaining walls that bring you both the separation you need and various features to choose from… We will surely help you look for the appropriate product that you’ll never always smile while looking at the product you’ve been asking for.

The Paving and Landscaping Specialist offers exceptional design while being practical at the same time, supplies and installation of retaining walls in Sydney at very affordable rate. There are various different options to choose from, from block to brick walls, which may be effectively rendered or clad via feature stone, to interlocking block walls & treated pine-timber sleeper walls. We’ll make sure to transform your yard into a majestic beauty by adding a beautifully created retaining wall that will surely last for many years to come, with minimal maintenance. That means you can just sit back and pleasantly enjoy the great view of your new retaining wall without ever worrying about it yourself!

Why to choose The Paving and Landscaping Specialist:

  • We can project manage you throughout the consultation design & construction phases of the outdoor renovations with 100% transparency. We highly encourage customer participation throughout all of the stages in order to keep you in full control of your investment.
  • All of our clients remain with complete control of their finances via our sophisticated payments system.
  • The Paving & Landscaping Specialist is completely insured and licensed to provide all of your landscape needs. We employ fully licensed contractors.

Over 25 years of experience in the landscaping industry.

Remember it’s not us who can benefit from our customers but it’s also you who can gain essential benefits from the work done.

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