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Landscaping Sydney

From a simple landscaping idea to something extravagant we can do it all, check out our gallery for ideas.

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Paving Sydney

From Pool paving to paving around your home... using quality pavers sourced from Sydney.

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Retaining Walls Sydney

Retaining walls are fantastic to segment different part of your yard, or as a feature.

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Pool Fencing Sydney

Glass pool fencing can give your landscaping a million dollar feel at a cost you can afford.

Landscape Solutions by Sydney's Best Landscape Designer

Landscaping involves altering features in outdoor spaces to make the environment practical and appealing. We offer professional paving and landscaping services to enhance your home value. We have been in business for more than 25 years and offer services in Sydney & surrounding suburbs of Kellyville, Kenthurst, Dural, Baulkham Hills, Castle hill. Our team is made up of highly trained individuals who have a lot of landscaping and paving experience. We create a beautiful space that you will enjoy coming home to at the end of the day. We can transform your yard into a haven where you can unwind, relax, and entertain. If you are looking for a professional landscaper in Sydney, we are the best choice. 

Landscaping Sydney

Our personnel will give you a variety of landscaping ideas in Sydney that are customized to suit your needs and space in your backyard. You can choose a simple landscaping option that will make your backyard practical without compromising on its aesthetic appeal. On the other hand, if you want to make an impression, we have several extravagant ideas for you to choose from. We will make your outdoor space stand out and make your home look more appealing & add value. More information


We also specialize in paving and only use quality pavers that are obtained from Sydney to ensure we get the job done right the first time. Our staff will pave your pool to create a relaxing spot where you can place your sun beds and enjoy the outdoors. We also pave around homes depending on the kind of look that you would like to create. More information

Retaining Walls

If you want a landscaper in Sydney to segment a certain area in your backyard, we can put up retaining walls on your property. The retaining walls can also be used as an aesthetic feature where you can plant some attractive plants and flowers. More information

Glass Pool Fencing

If you are in search of a landscaper in Sydney who specialises in glass pool fencing, you do not have to look any further. We use glass fencing around pools to add some elegance to your outdoor space. This is a cost effective way to increase the value of your home. The fence can also act as a safety feature especially for homeowners who have small children and pets because it restricts access. More information

Lawn and Garden Design

We are an ideal choice if you are looking for lawn & garden design in Sydney to create a stunning mix of lawn and garden in your home. Our team of professionals will plant the right kind of grass for your area and pick suitable plants that will thrive in the soil and climate in your neighbourhood. Water features are also a popular option for garden designs which you may want to explore. More information

Hardwood Decking

We will install hardwood flooring on your deck to enhance its appearance and make it easy for you to maintain. We are a reputable landscaper in Sydney and you can be assured of quality. More information

Irrigation Systems

Lawns and gardens need to be watered regularly and this is why we offer irrigation system installation services to our clients. If you are looking for a landscaper in Sydney to help you select a suitable irrigation system, we are a good option. We will help you select a system that meets your needs and is within your budget. More information

Save Time & Money With a Landscaper in Sydney

Some people assume that landscaping in Sydney only involves planting trees and plants in a backyard. But in reality, there is more to landscaping than this. We pick the right plants for the specific area that you live in. Certain plants only thrive in specific environments. Our personnel have extensive plant and tree knowledge and we know exactly what your home needs. We also pick flowers, trees and plants that grow well together. Our choices will depend on soil quality and drainage in your area.

We are committed to creating landscape designs that match your preferences, budget and needs. If you want landscaping in Sydney that improves your air quality, we know the precise plants and trees that we should use. Trees are particularly helpful when it comes to removing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We will identity suitable turf and shrubs to remove dust, smoke and any other pollutants in the air. These plants can also trap and filter pollutants such as dust from rainwater, creating a healthy environment in your home.

We are a dependable landscaper in Sydney and we only use reputable suppliers such as Glass Fencing Warehouse, Amber, Bunnings, and Baulkham Hills Landscape Supplies.

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